Las Vegas


The McCarren International Airport (LAS) is the largest airport in the area providing flights to/from many large cities. You can explore their website below for specific questions regarding the airport. 

The hotel

Uber or Lyft

If you're not renting a car, while there are several ways to get to The Strip, we highly encourage taking an Uber or a Lyft since it will be the quickest while still cost effective. 

You can expect the 10-15 minute car ride to run approximately $20 - $40 depending on the time of your arrival. 

If you're interested in alternative options, read the article below. 

The wedding venue

Provided Shuttles

There will be free shuttles provided from the Bellagio to the venue and back throughout the evening - no need to order an Uber or Lyft. If you're staying somewhere else, you're more than welcome to pick up the shuttle at the Bellagio or please ensure you have alternate transportation in place. 

Shuttles will depart at 6:15pm. We would advise arriving 5-10 minutes prior to board the shuttle and get comfortable in your seat. 

If you decide to drive, there is limited parking available, so please plan accordingly.