The M&M love story

Going into senior year of college, Mitchell had recently spent a month abroad in London and Italy and was gearing up for his last semester of undergrad. Madison just returned from a semester abroad and was in the mindset that her final year of school was going to be spent doing the things she wanted and that included being single. Needless to say her idea quickly went out the window...

On an early August evening at Murphy’s, a popular college bar, both were enjoying a night out with their respective friends and that's when Madison spotted Mitchell. After a pep-talk with Courtney (MoH) she worked up the courage to go up to him. The two talked until the early hours of the morning and after that, the two were inseparable.

Within a month of seeing each other, they were “official” and took a road trip to Dallas to meet each other’s parents, which was the first of many. They went to all the football games together, had library study sessions (mainly consisting of Mitchell tutoring her and her friends in accounting), and dressed up for her sorority date parties. Before they knew it, summer was just around the corner.

Summer came and went and Madison decided to take an internship in Madrid, Spain while Mitchell started his last semester of grad school. The time difference and distance was brutal, but he made a trip to visit her and all felt right again. After three months abroad, Madison came home to start her job, but home was soon going to be NYC, which meant more time apart.

After nearly 2 years of living in different places, just a week before Mitchell had a one-way ticket to move to NYC, this little thing known as COVID-19 put that to a hault! Instead, Madison took a flight back to Dallas to be with her family during the height of the pandemic and he bunkered down with his parents in Dallas. A few months in when it seemed like there was no end to the world returning to "normalcy," the two decided to get an apartment together in Dallas until that "normalcy" began in NYC.

After nearly one unplanned year in Dallas later, the two settled into their new place in the Upper East Side. Shortly after the move, they planned their first East Coast trip to explore Newport, Rhode Island for a weekend getaway. A quick three-hour drive to the adorable AirBnb and it was officially vacation time. While the weather may have ruined beach plans, little did Madison know that the surprise of a lifetime was just around the corner.

One afternoon, the two went on a scenic drive down “Ocean Drive” which is… well... a road by the ocean. They were enjoying the views from the car when Mitchell asked if Madison wanted to pull over and get out. After some back and forth given the cold, windy, AND drizzly weather, she finally agreed. "Conveniently" their dinner clothes were in the car for an early reservation, so Mitchell suggested they change and head outdoors.

As they headed toward the rocks, the other vacationers were heading back to their cars leaving the two of them alone. They started taking selfies to document the moment and he suggested taking some pictures of Madison. With her long flowy dress blowing in the wind, he had her turn around so he could pretend to take some pictures. Once he was “done” she turned around to Mitchell on one knee. After some of the most thoughtful and heart-warming words she had ever heard, both teary-eyed, she embraced Mitchell and said "YES" and the two were officially engaged!

Madison and Mitchell are excited to start this next chapter in their lives and hope that you’ll join them in celebrating! You're the most important people to them, whether you're friends or family, they couldn’t imagine their special day without you!