Courtney Mullins
Maid of Honor

What is one of the many ways colleges facilitate making friends? Greek life, which is exactly how I met Courtney. We had our fair share of shenanigans ranging from freshman year spring break in Panama City Beach, Florida to waking up before the sun to attend College Game-Day, to walking across the graduation stage together (which may have involved a shot of fireball before). While we’ve had and continue to have so much fun together, most importantly, I can’t think of a time when I needed her and she wasn’t there. If only we could convince her fiance that they need to move to NYC. But I'll take the quarterly visits over nothing! 

Jade Tacka

I have to thank Jade’s mom for this friendship. Elaine made a comment to my dad at a toddler swim class about how it would be impossible to deny that I was his daughter because of the resemblance (which was incredibly true) and the rest was history… Growing up with your best friend 6 houses down was the best. That meant impromptu sleepovers, always having someone to enjoy snow-days with and well, pretty much spending as much time together as possible. It’s now been over 8 years since we haven't lived in the same state, let alone the same street, but distance has nothing on this friendship. We’re now going on 24 years of friendship and I can’t wait to see where life takes us next!

Jenna Park

The sister I never had, she's stuck with me forever! Jenna welcomed me with open arms (metaphorically, she's not the biggest hugger) the day I met her. I remember being so nervous meeting her on that game day, I knew that her opinion was one that held a lot of weight. Well, fast forward to now, I asked her to be in my bridal party, so I think that speaks for itself. From getting our bi-weekly Carr family mani/pedis, to drinking the finest wines in Napa, to lounging around watching movies, I couldn't have gotten luckier when it comes to sister-in-laws.

Meagan Hapeman

I stood by Meagan’s side on her special day, so having Meagan stand by me on mine was a no brainer. We have experienced so many phases of life together. From childhood when we didn't have a care in the world to the teenage years filled with braces, acne, crushes, first loves (and heartbreaks) and now adulthood. I've been so lucky to call Meagan a friend all these years. No matter how long we would go without seeing one another, it's like no time has gone by when we reunite. My back of the line buddy at school (thanks to our maiden names), soon... neither of us will have “W’ last names, one could say we’re "moving up!"

Zach Johnston
Best Man
Zach and I are virtually the same person, I just happen to be a foot taller. We did not become close until our final year of undergraduate where I decided to move in with 4 other guys after never having had a roommate before! Half the time Zach and I have conversations, our friends have zero clue what we are talking about - whether its obscure video games, the latest viral Twitter meme, or mechanical keyboards.
Carson Lile
I have Carson to thank for introducing me to the majority of my college friends I keep in touch with to this day. Carson is a man's man who typically orchestrated a weekly alcohol-fueled grilling session in college.
Carter Clancy
Living with Carter was a struggle each morning thanks to his half-dozen alarms going off simultaneously that managed to wake everyone up but himself. Mornings aside, Carter remains a reliable friend with whom I enjoy catching up with when he graces us with his presence.
Brice Snapp

"Have you guys heard of bruschetta?" is a typical middle-of-the-road question from Brice on a good day. I've never met someone who has consistently had first-time experiences with food, outdoors, and general life experiences than Brice. He has the ability to say anything and be entertaining without trying.