Costa Rica and US COVID Entry Requirements

You are no longer required to be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test to enter Costa Rica and the United States. 


You will need a passport to travel to Costa Rica. Right now processing time takes a minimum of 18 weeks. If you already have a passport, please make sure it will not expire 6 months after your travel date. 

International Airport

Arrival/ Departure from US

You will be arriving to Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica. Please double check and make sure you are not booking for San Jose, CA. 

National Airport

Flights to Quepos

Flight time from San Jose to Quepos (the town right outside of Manuel Antonio) is approximately 30 minutes. This is the fastest way to get to Manuel Antonio, but please keep in mind the dates of travel are during "rainy season" and the airport will not fly if it is raining. Please also keep in mind you will need to go through customs and immigration right after you get off of your U.S. international flight, then check back in again to board your flight to Quepos. 


Costa Rica Green Airways


We highly recommend this as your mode of transportation to and from the airport. Travel time to and from Manuel Antonio is approximately 3 hours.  You can book a private shuttle or coordinate to share with other wedding guests. We recommend the following shuttle service linked below. Please do not forgot to book your returning shuttle in advance.  

Renting a Car

We strongly discourage anyone to rent a car who does not have driving experience in Costa Rica. There are many winding roads, steep hills, blind spots, and many roads are in poor condition. Please also consider that it will be rainy season, which can make conditions even more difficult to drive in.


It is very easy and cost efficient to travel around Costa Rica by taxi. This will be the main mode of transportation around Manuel Antonio. We recommend you book a taxi ahead of time to get you to and from the airport. 

*Safety Tip- In Costa Rica, taxis are RED. They have a yellow light on the top and a yellow triangle on the side of the door.