Clare and Francisco attended the same school and shared some of the same friends since they were young. Although they had frequent interactions and common interests throughout their childhood and high school years, they would not realize what was in store for them until many years down the road.

After college at their mutual friend's wedding, Francisco saw Clare for the first time since she had moved away to Dallas. Here he expressed his interest for Clare by spending the whole night talking to her parents instead of talking to her.

Fast forward a year later, Francisco invited Clare to a wedding in Dallas where she was living at the time. Unfortunately, both had significant others, so they would continue their friendship for another year.

The two continued to stay in touch and by June of the next year, Francisco asked Clare to attend a music festival with him in Austin. Both now single, she happily accepted! It was here where they admitted their feelings for one another and have since been inseparable.

Clare and Francisco’s relationship made it through the COVID-19 pandemic and they decided it was time to move closer together. In June 2020, Clare moved from Dallas to San Antonio where Francisco is currently completing his residency.

On March 4th, 2021, Francisco proposed to Clare at Huisache Grill, the very same restaurant they had discussed marriage exactly a year before! They’ve since been having a blast putting together the best wedding/party in Costa Rica to celebrate their love, family, and friends they couldn’t live life without!