Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK)

Airport Transfer

There is only one International Airport in Marrakech, which is only 15mins away from the City Center Medina. You can take a taxi to the Medina, which costs approx. 200MAD (20 EUR) per way. Please check with your hotels, as most provide transport services and we suggest to book airport transport to avoid any taxi hassle. 

Please don’t forget to fill out the Landing Form!  If you land on Friday late, please let us know and we can help you coordinate a fast track!

Once you pass Immigration, there are INWI promotion girls (purple outfit) who hand-out Morrocan Mobile SIM Cards for free which you can use for a few days! In return they just take a photo of the sim card and your passport. Watch out for them and please take one so you don't need to use roaming!

Please take care of your belongings (and suitcases) especially at the airport!

If you are flying from Zurich, there is only a direct flight on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays with SWISS or EDELWEISS, otherwise everyday via Casablanca or Madrid.

If you are flying from Paris, there are daily flights with several airlines, such as Easy Jet, Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Transavia or Ryanair. 

If you are flying from Asia, the best way is to fly Lufthansa via Frankfurt, Cathay Pacific or Air France via Paris or British Airways via London!

Let us know if you have any questions and we can assist you with your travel plans: and here is a list with all the flights in an Overview:

Visa Requirements

Most travelers who want to visit Morocco can do so without applying for a visa if your trip will not exceed three months. However, it is essential that all travellers arrive with a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time you enter Morocco.
People holding passports in France, Switzerland, United Kingdom or any country belonging to the European Union do not need a visa to travel to Morocco if your stay will not exceed ninety days.

Weather in May

Marrakech in May reaches already desert-like temperatures, as the heat increases up to 30 degrees. Definitely be prepared for this, keep hydrated, stay cool with thin loose clothing but note that in the evening, it will drop down to 15 degrees!


The national language is French and Arabic but you get around with English without any issues. 

Currency & Negotiation

The Marrkech Currency is Morrocan Dirhams, which you can get at the Airport or at selected ATM's.
100 MAD = 9 Euro = 10.50 CHF

Negotiation is a local sport and needs to be done before any services and purchases! Good luck, they are very good business men :-) 


Before taking the trip, it is invaluable to agree with your cab driver the amount you’ll be paying before the journey begins. It varies from 30DHS-150DHS depending on day/night or taxi size.
You can ask as well the Riad/hotel you're staying at, the amount they advise a cab journey to be and then pitch it to the cab driver when you get in, usually they happily agree to it after sometimes trying to haggle a little.

Petit and grand taxis are a great way to get around! Please note that only Grand taxis are allowed to drive to the outskirts as the daily police check won't let the petit taxis pass. If you do still end up in a petit taxi, be prepared to have a longer trip and to drive through local villages to get to your end destination. 
Quite often, the taxi drivers suddenly get out from their cars in the middle of the street and start chatting to their friends but there is nothing to worry about as they are just very social.   
Call here for a Green Taxi: +212-5-24-40-94-94
Call here for the BELDI Transport LINAYA +212-6-61-42-54-22

There are no UBERs but there is the equivalent, which is CAREEM App. Please download the app here: 

Dress Appropriately

Whilst Marrakech isn’t as conservative as visiting many Arabian countries, it is still a predominantly Muslim country and you should respect the culture. There’s no dress code and women aren’t required to wear scarves.

Nevertheless still try to stay away from skimpy outfits, ladies that means no miniskirts or not to go bra-less. Try not to have your shoulders and knees exposed.

Long dresses and skirts are perfect for the Moroccan heat, so are long-sleeved tunics and shirts.
Marrakech is full of tourists so locals are more accustomed to Western visitors but if you don’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself then dress appropriately. 

All our event venues over the weekend have been privatised so there are no restrictions there. 

Must See & Must Do

- Visit Majorelle Garden by Yves Saint Laurent
- Visit El Badi Palace
- Visit Medina
- Shopping at the Souk
- Arrange a Desert Tour
- Do a Camel Trek in the desert
- Do Quad Biking in the desert
- Horse Carriage ride in the City
- Visit Mosques
- Book a Hammam Spa
- Hot Air Balloon over the Atlas Mountains
- Play Golf against the Atlas Mountain backdrop  
- Visit La Pause Camp in the desert for lunch and go for a swim in the pool (in the middle of the desert)
- Cooking Class with Amal, the non-profit association empowering women through culinary skills. 300 MAD/person from 9am-12.30pm:  

Check it out: 

Other Notes:
- Most shops and museums are closed on Friday afternoons. It's their holy day.
- Almost all Moroccans are friendly and honest, and violent crime is very rare. However, it is wise to be careful about pickpockets and petty thievery, in the major cities.
- Goats in Trees. They are called tree-goats and eat the fruit of the Argon tree.

Hammam Spa

Marrakech has some of the world's most lavish hammams solely for the purpose of pampering. This immaculate feeling is elevated into full-body bliss in the hammam– a traditional bathing and cleansing ritual. 

Here some places you must go (and book):
- Hammam Spa by BELDI Country Club (10.30-7.30pm) 
- Les Bains de Marrakech (last appointment at 6pm, 15mins from BELDI CC Hotel)
- Elisa Spa 
- La Maison Arabe Spa 
- Heritage Spa  
- La Mamounia Spa 
- Royal Mansour Spa 
- Les Jardins de la Koutoubia 

Where to Eat

- Le Jardin
- Nomad
- Le Foundouk (Guards with Red Hats will pick you up from the main street to escort you to the restaurant)
- Cafe des Epices
- Terrasse des Epices
- La Table du Palais (inside Riad Palais Lamrani)
- Restaurants in the Hotel La Mamounia
- Grand Café de la Poste
- Le Tobsil
- Comptoir Darna 
- Dar Moha (ex-home of Pierre Cardin)   
- La Trattoria (Italian)
- Derb Zeouak (Vegetarian)
- Derb Nakous (Vegetarian)
- Dar Yacout  
- Restaurant Chez Chegrouni

...and many many others! 

Tips for the Medina

It's a Maze! However, don’t engage a false guide (incl. kids/ teenagers) for the day. Engage an official tourist guide through a tourist office instead if really really needed. 

Tips for the Souk

Walk through the souks for a little exploration and expect to be hassled, whether that be Moroccan shoes, carpets, spices or tea they’ll be keen to flog it all to you. Everyone is friendly and willing to help wherever they can! Treat bargaining in souks as a friendly game. It’s an intrinsic part of the culture and is always expected of you, so just ignore the first price a merchant puts forward.
If you’re a woman travelling alone, try to ignore unwanted attention. You’ll hear cries of "Gazelle" and perhaps even get the odd marriage proposal. Try to visit the Souk with a friend if it's the first time. 

Jemaa el-Fnaa is the main square of Marrakech. With vendors selling fresh orange juice and crafts, snake charmers, live music and belly dancers, it’s an exciting swirl of entertainment.

Day Trips & Excursions

Atlas Mountain:
40mins by car from Marrakech City Center, south of the city. The breathtaking scenery, which has often been used as a backdrop for films set in Tibet, is home to Berber villages. You can visit a weekly market, spend time hiking in the shadow of Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, or head to an adventure park for zip-lining and riding desert buggies. Book lunch at the Domaine de la Rosaire, where you may ride horses or go hiking after your meal.
Here some beautiful Hotels:
- Kasbah Bab Ourika
- Kasbah BELDI 
- Kasbah Tamadot (from Sir Richard Branson)
- The Capaldi
- The Peacock Pavillons

Northwest of Morocco and close to Gibraltar is the Blue Pearl City. The "Spanish Morocco" is situated in the Rif Mountains. You can visit the Old City, Kasbah Museum, Place Outa el Hammam, Local Berbere Artisanal and Cascades d’Akchour.
- Option A: Fly to Fez (1h) then take a 4h bus
- Option B: Drive 7h by car
- Option C: By train (6h), then take a 2h bus

Terres d'Amanar
- 30mins away by car from Marrakech City Center

Cactus Thiemann
Visit the largest cactus farm in Africa

Berber Villages & 3 Valleys Atlas Mountains Private Day Trip

Atlas Mountains: Private Day Trip with Camel Ride

Ourika Valley & Atlas Mountain Full-Day Tour

Marrakech: Balloon Flight, Berber Breakfast and Camel Ride

Marrakech to Merzouga 3-Day Desert Safari 


Ramadan is from 16 May to 14 June 2018. During this month, Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. Lasting for the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and in the evening eat small meals and visit friends and family. It is a time of worship and contemplation. A time to strengthen family and community ties. 

One Off Travel Insurance

There are no special vaccination regulations needed and it is not necessary to get a travel insurance but for the one's that want to consider getting a one-off travel insurance, we found a great service which costs approx. 29EUR All-Coverage for 6 days of coverage: