How We Met

The first time Casey and Kate met was a whirlwind weekend filled with luck and of course it's fitting they met was fabulous Las Vegas!

It all started one Thursday night at the Carlos N Charlies World Famoso Mexican Bar and Grill, all-you-can-drink-for-$20 special after 11pm. Casey saw the most beautiful woman at the bar looking unimpressed by all the other men and knew he had to take his shot. He sauntered over doing 'the bernie lean' and within seconds Kate was hooked to his charm....putting the wheels into motion of this very wedding.

After exchanging numbers in Las Vegas and keeping in text-touch the next few months, it was time to meet up in-person again and see if they still really liked each other and could make something serious out of this. Kate invited Casey to her and her roommate's annual 4th of July bash in Washington, DC. Casey flew in the night before, Kate took him down to El Camino for their first real date night, and they both quickly realized how alike they really are.

Combining Lives

The next 2 years were filled with many, many flights back and forth between Chicago and DC. Then in 2017, Kate took the plunge and moved to Chicago to transform their long distance relationship into something a little more cozy! Add two black cats Calvin and Leon to the mix and the fun was really only beginning.

The Proposal

As Kate pondered everyday between adventures across snow and sun, concerts and festivals as to when he would "lock it down," Casey carefully bid  his time. Then on a trip to Costa Rica in 2021 on the beach during low tide and with a brilliant sunset as a backdrop, he took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes.

"Is this it!?" Kate asked. "Yes," Casey replied, then ran away leaving her awkwardly standing alone on the beach. He scrambled up to the nearest person and attempted in muddled spanglish and sign language to ask whether this non-English speaking stranger could take some photos. He happily agreed, Casey returned to propose, and Kate said YES!

The first order of business was celebrating! Casey and Kate went to the nearest beach bar, headed straight to the bartender and ordered 30 shots. "Really? 30??" she asked. "Claro!" was their response. They wanted to immediately share their joy with others and walked around the bar, cheersing to the exciting news with strangers and tequila.

Please Join Us!

Here we are now, elated to return to beautiful Costa Rica with our most favorite people and party!! Ahem erm I mean, celebrate our wedding! We can't wait to see you on the beach :)