Appy Couple is like an interactive guide for wedding guests ABC News

You took the guesswork out of communications for a very logistics heavy weekend. Our guests are still talking about how amazing the app was! Marie & Tim

Creating a beautiful website on was incredibly easy and most importantly, fun. Sarah Doolittle

AppyCouple yours is the best app I've found & used in years! So user friendly going to be a #greattool for our #venicewedding Lisa & Marc

My Husband and I (haha) would like to thank you all so much for your amazing app! Appy Couple has allowed us to bring our own stamp to our wedding and the new technology was embraced by (nearly) all our guests. Kate & John-Paul

Our favorite part about Appy Couple is the well-roundedness of the app itself Ehsan & Hollay

@Appycouple best customer service we have ever had. we love working with #appycouple (-from a bride-to-be!) Kiki & Luis

It's a very refined, intuitive experience that focuses on content creation, rather than spending time learning how to create content. Kim & Lauren

Appy Couple is a great app for both engaged couples and guests, since it...sends real-time information about registries, transportation, dress codes, etc. It's a total lifesaver! Whitney Port - Popsugar

Appy Couple takes all your wedding planning needs, across friends, family and vendors, and consolidates them into one dynamic package. We eliminate the stress of creating multiple accounts to do individual tasks like managing your guest list, sending invitations, collecting RSVPs, sharing your itinerary, accommodations, event pictures…so on and so on. We bring it all together in an interactive website and mobile app for you and your guests.

Appy is a personalized wedding hub – an expertly crafted, integrated platform to plan, share and impress. Choose from hundreds of exclusive designs to create a signature look for your website, app and communications. Sign into your account from any device to update details, check responses and upload photos. Guests can read your story, book their travel, direct message questions and feel involved.

Let our technology simplify your wedding planning and help you deliver a successful event – conveniently and beautifully.