Arriving & Staying in Treviso

When to arrive in Treviso & where to stay

For a relaxed experience, we recommend that you arrive in the vicinity of Treviso the day before the wedding (Friday 7 June). 

We are also planning to host a welcome aperitivo & pizza party in Treviso city centre as a meet and greet for any guests who will wish to attend.

Below are some recommendations for accommodation and a deal we've negotiated for anyone who will not be driving.

Recommended Hotel - for Guests not renting a car

B&B Hotel Treviso

If you're not planning to rent a car and/or are planning to travel via public transport in Treviso, we have a special deal with the central hotel: Hotel B&B. The hotel is in the heart of the city and 20 mins from main sightseeing spots. 

We will also arrange a shuttle pick-up and drop-off return service from nearby this precise location.

!  NB:  If you are not looking to stay here and will not be driving, we recommend looking to stay in Treviso city centre within a 20 minutes walk from Piazza dei Signori & Piazza Duomo.

Serena & Matt - Special Wedding Deal

We have secured the following discounted rates for bed & buffet breakfast for two nights (Friday 7 June and Saturday 8 June). 

Rates per night:

Single: €71,00 / £62.00
Double (with double bed or twin bed - to confirm type when booking): € 89,00 / £77.00
Triple room: €105,00 / £92.00

+ tourist tax: €1.60

To book:

As these are special rates and the hotel is part of a chain, they asked for booking to be handled over email. If you bbc us in your email, that would be very helpful for us to keep track of numbers :)

1. Decide which type of room you want from the above list.
2. Write an email to using the subject "Matrimonio Matthew & Serena"
3. Explain any requirements such as room type, dates staying.

Payment will be taken upon check-in.

OTHER Accomodation Options - for Drivers

Accommodation in Roncade, Serena's Hometown

If you're renting a car and planning to drive with friends or family, there are of course many other options too. These options will largely on your travel/holiday plans, but some options in Serena's family hometown include the following:

1. Hotel Orso
2. Castello di Roncade B&B
3. Tenuta San Tome B&B
4. Campi di Grano B&B

If you are interested in them, we are happy contact to work out advantageous rates.