Pre-Party in Tamarindo (Optional)

May 27
12:00 am TO 11:45 pm

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Party Arrives at Resort

May 31
12:00 pm

Dreams Las Mareas

Welcome Cocktails

Jun 1
4:00 pm TO 6:00 pm

Rendezvous Bar

Wedding Day

Jun 3
4:30 pm
Pre-Party Guide

Pre-Party Guide

Check out the Pre-Party Guide linked above for additional information on lodging options, restaurants, and hot tips on Tamarindo!

Pre-Party Dates

We will be in Tamarindo from Saturday, May 27, to Wednesday, May 31.

On May 31, we will make our way up to Dreams resort for the official wedding festivities.


For those looking to experience a little more of Costa Rica outside of the all-inclusive resort where we will be having the main event, we invite you to join us in Tamarindo!

Note: This is separate from Dreams and the wedding portion of our celebration. The "Tamarindo Pre-Party" is completely optional, will be totally casual, and up to you to book your own lodging.

Tamarindo will always have a special place in our hearts as it's where we got engaged! About an hour south of the Liberia airport, it is a small and lively surf town with lots of restaurants, bars, and it's a great place to fall in love with the pura vida lifestyle. Take a surf lesson, wander the streets and try all of the ceviche, shop local, listen to live music at a bar on the beach, dance the night away, explore... how you use this time will be totally up to you, but we hope to see you there!

If there is enough interest, we may coordinate a private catamaran sunset cruise!

Recommendations on where to stay and how to get there below!


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Getting Around - Tamarindo

The airport is the same for Tamarindo and Dreams resort: Daniel Oduber Liberia International (LIR).

Private transfers:

Transportation to and from Liberia Airport and Dreams (where the wedding is) is included in the cost of your room when booking through our TA, Megan (see the Travel page)!

A transfer for the Tamarindo leg and to Dreams is also available for a nominal fee; please indicate that you are interested in this option when filling out the flight information form from Megan.

Rental Car
Once you're in Tamarindo, there isn't a huge need to have a car unless you are looking to drive to neighboring towns. Believe us, there is plenty to do in Tamarindo without a car, and if you decide to book a tour or excursion, transportation is typically included! Should you choose to rent a car, we suggest going through Mytanfeet.

Where to Stay - Tamarindo

Hotel Diria
Kate & Casey have stayed many times at the centrally-located Hotel Diria, where Kate's parents have a condo. This hotel is in the heart of Tamarindo on the beach, with multiple pools, restaurants, and everything within a minute's walk. There are also condos with kitchens and multiple bedrooms available to rent: search for "Matapalo" on the Blue Zone Experience website if you're interested in this option. (There are lots of great rental options in Tamarindo, that filter will get you the condos at the Diria.)

Other Hotels
Tamarindo is full of small boutique hotels that you can find on TripAdvisor. The town is slowly transforming so you are more likely to find a small hotel for cheaper in a great location than a big one where you can use points.

Note that the farther away from the beach the hotel is on the map, the likely higher elevation it is and you may not be able to walk to town or the beach (e.g. The Wyndham is great, but you cannot walk to anything from it). Playa Langosta is just down the road and is another option to find lodging in.

There are many available options around town and our friends have previously had success using Airbnb while in Tamarindo. To orient yourself when looking for a place, use the Hotel Diria as the central point.

Should you be looking for the most adventurous and affordable options, there are hostels in the area that we are happy to recommend. Please reach out to Kate or Casey if this is something that you are interested in and we will send you in the right direction.

Resort Dates

Casey and Kate will be at the resort from Wednesday, May 31 to June 5 or 6.

When planning your return home, keep in mind that the resort is a 90 minute drive from the airport so use your judgement when booking a return flight!

Getting There

As a reminder, your ride to and from Liberia airport and Dreams is included in your room cost when booking through Megan!

Don't forget to send her your flight information as soon as it's booked so she can arrange the transfers. If you opt to come with us to Tamarindo for the pre-party, a transfer between Tamarindo and Dreams is also available for a nominal fee; please indicate that you are interested in this option when filling out the flight information form from Megan.

Check out the travel tab for all the information around booking your stay at Dreams.

Can't wait to see you there!


After you've settled in, and before dinner, join us at the Rendezvous Bar to say hello and mingle with other guests!


More Details to Come!

Meet us on the beach for the ceremony with your toes in the sand. The sun will start to set, the drinks will start to flow, and the music will kick on. Grab a bite, toast to the night, and celebrate with us under the stars.

All events will take place on Arboleda Beach.

4:15                Ceremony
5:00 - 6:00     Cocktail hour and sunset photos
6:00-10:00     Dinner and dancing
10:00 -         Afterparty at Desires Lounge

Dress Code

Tropical Cocktail

We're in paradise, so wear your florals, bright colors, and be comfortable!

It will be warm so sundresses, breathable fabrics like linen, and short sleeves are great. Please avoid wearing shorts.

The ceremony is on the beach... that means shoes optional!