NY to London

I was in London for Trey's wedding and a bunch of us got together for rugby in Hyde park... some rough tackles later, I was in the arms of a tall, dark handsome stranger. The rest is history.
xoxo Hannah!

London to NY

The first time I met Hannah, she knocked me down to my knees (literally!). A few beers later I knew I was making a trip to NY. Cannot say she was surprised when she saw me at her door

First Date

Our first date was one of the most romantic days of my life. We went to Hyde Park and Mason packed an amazing picnic. We spent all day laughing, laying in the grass, and eating delicious cupcakes that Mason made himself!
xoxo Hannah

She said YES!

With the help of my friends, I planned out the proposal. Hannah and I were on a trip to London, visiting the very park where we had our first date. I picked up a bottle of wine to go along with that family heirloom that was soon going to be hers.

NY it is!

We're moving to New York to continue our exciting journey. This is where we'll be seeing all of you. Look forward to creating new memories!
-- Hannah x Mason

Thank you!

Thanks to Paper Antler for the photography used in this demo.