For out-of-towners or those who don't know, San Francisco has a vaccine mandate that requires everyone age 12* and older to present proof of vaccination and boosters before entering places like restaurants and bars-- and our wedding venues.  Please make sure to bring your vaccine card, or a high quality photo thereof, and an ID, anywhere you go-- including the wedding itself. There will be security checking at the door. 

*San Francisco has stated it may soon be enforcing the same mandate for children ages 5-11. 

With everyone’s health and well-being as our essential priority, and with the goal of making our wedding as safe as reasonably possible, we may also be requesting negative COVID test results in order to attend wedding events, depending on what Greek letter we're on by May. Check back here for more info as the date gets closer, and thank you for all you are doing to keep yourself, your loved ones, and our communities safe.

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