Our Story

We met in Dallas at the Greek Food Festival, where we bonded over our love of spinach and feta pies. Soon after, we were inseparable. We love to explore Dallas together: trying tasty restaurants, volunteering, going rock climbing (indoor of course, since Chakri is deathly afraid of heights), and beating each other at board games. Although Chakri moved to Seattle in 2017, our relationship continued to grow and strengthen. We continued to take exciting trips together including biking 150 miles through Italy, kayaking around New Zealand, hiking with monkeys in Hong Kong, and eating nonstop in every city (Highlight: Okonomiyaki in Tokyo!).

We now live in Albuquerque where we enjoy all the hiking, biking, and skiing New Mexico has to offer. We still try to beat each other at board games.

The Proposal: Chakri's Story

I decided to propose at the top of a strenuous hike in Sedona. I was pretty confident she would say "Yes" (otherwise it would have been an awkward hike down). When we finally made it to the top, I found a secluded ledge so Janet would not get embarrassed in front of other people. Only problem was that there was not enough room to get down on one knee. Instead I nervously took the ring out of my pocket trying not to accidentally drop it over the mountain cliff. I asked her if she wanted to marry me, and she said, "I knew it!" I figured that was her version of "Yes!", and the rest is history!

The Proposal: Janet's Story

We had a bike tour planned for Italy in May 2019. I guessed that Chakri would propose during a weekend prior to our Italy trip because it wouldn't be very practical of Chakri to bring the ring all the way to Italy on our countryside bike tour. When we started the hike in Sedona, Chakri was acting very weird and nervous. For some reason, he kept excessively encouraging me to keep hiking, which confused me because we had never given up on a hike before. I thought my best friends may have been at the top of the hike since he kept rushing me, but when we arrived at the top, no one I knew was there. We calmly sat on a ledge while Chakri ate his protein bar, so I was no longer suspicious. Chakri then leaned over and asked me to marry him. Duh, of course I wanted to marry him, and I was right for being suspicious in the first place! After we hiked down, my best friends surprised me at the hotel bar, and the rest is history!