Jun 26, 2019

Ellen&Alex, Thx extending an invite to me! I have been thinking on how to make the trip work, but since I have two wedding related events in Columbus that weekend I feel I need to stay here and support my friends. Enjoy! Jenny Sok. 

Jun 17, 2019

Ellen and Alex, All  my best wishes to you for a wonderful life together. I hope to see you sometime in Louisville as I can't make the wedding.Love to you.   Audrey

May 27, 2019

Dear El & Alex, we regret we can’t be with you on your special day. We send all our love and wishes for a wonderful future together. Randy & Karen

May 26, 2019

Ellen and Alex we are so sorry we cannot attend the wedding, we hope for all the health and happiness in the world and we will be thinking of you ! Love always, Kory Angela and the boys

May 20, 2019

Ellen and Alex, we are truly happy for you and share in the joy for your upcoming wedding day. We know it will be beautiful day shared with loving friends and family. We are sad we will not be present. Congratulations, Pete and Lisa

May 16, 2019

Ellen & Alexi, We send our regrets that we cannot share in your beautiful day.  We wish you health, wealth, and happiness. Much Love, Janet and Bill

Apr 12, 2019

Ellen & AlexI cannot wait until August 2019!!! ❤️Sending loads of Love,  Aunt Jo

Mar 27, 2019

Ellen and Alex,   I wish we could be with you for your wedding.  We know first hand what a wonderful celebration it will be. Congratulations to both of you and to your entire families. Love Amy and Gary

Mar 26, 2019

Ellen and Alex,We are so excited for you and wish you all the best. We will be sitting for Leo and Ellie so Sam and Chuck can celebrate with you.Anne and Sergio

Mar 26, 2019

Excited to be tuning in to A&E August 10! 

Mar 26, 2019

Excited to be tuning in to A&E August 10!