the first meet
everyone always asks the infamous question, "how did you two meet?" we met through this website called heard of it? we took our chances and here we are. our first meet was at zed 451. we had apps and drinks and laughed. then we meandered to this magical land called "rush and division". the rest is history.
after one year of meeting, we went on our first trip together. it was sunny malibu. not too shabby. it prepared us for many other trips together ... belize, colorado, new york, mexico ... with hopes of many more to come!
the proposal
raj popped the question, "do you wanna do this?" at our first date place, zed 451. how romantic. sonal said, "yes?" we had a great night out with our family and friends retracing the steps to our first date night spots!
adventures in india
we recently went to india for 12 days and survived bombay, holi, and .... shopping! we had a tremendous amount of fun with raj's family within a tiny amount of time. now, we are looking forward to seeing more of our family and friends for the upcoming nuptials.

our engagement party was in order to start the celebrations with our closest family and friends. we look forward to having everyone that is near and dear to us for more celebrations at our wedding!