Amy Lee Cisneros
Bride's Attendant
Cousin, first friend. Wife and mother extraordinaire, who puts her family first. Braves the way -- one hour in this world before Laura. Strong. Accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to.

How we met: Shared circumstances
Current situation: General Manager, Fort Worth, TX
Amy McConnel
Groom's Attendant
Coworker -- multiple times. Intelligent, hard working, gets stuff done. Redhead from Portland before either of those things were cool.

How we met: College freshman dorm
Current situation: Public servant, Washington, DC
Andrew Kunkel
Bride's Attendant
Brother, forever friend. Dreamer, charmer. Texas sports fan. Skinny fella. Movie connoisseur -- old and new. Lover of fun.

How we met: Crying was probably involved
Current situation: Waiter & future famous, Los Angeles, CA
Aulstin Gardiner
Best friend. Family man, newlywed. Earnest and knows the importance thereof. Storyteller, life of the party. Bald and rockin' it. Bowtie and pocket square model. Gym rat. Proof that there are liberals in Texas.

How we met: Coworkers at Best Buy
Current situation: Family lawyer, Fort Worth, TX
Blase Prosperi
Brother. Health nut. Lover of beaches and movie quotes. Future Medical Doctor because someone has to carry on the family profession.

How we met: Forced by our parents
Current situation: Georgetown University, Washington, DC
Courtney Cunningham Mullin
Bride's Attendant
Best friend. Confidant and encourager. Steadfast. Fashionista. College roommate. Sincere warmth and sunshine in any room. Humble, though she has so many things to be proud of.

How we met: Church
Current situation: Mom, The Woodlands, TX
Gian Prosperi
Groom's Attendant
Brother. Future mechanical engineer who should have been a sports broadcaster. Knows more sports statistics than anyone. Curler -- the Winter Olympics kind, not the hair kind.

How we met: Aldo wanted a little sister
Current situation: Villanova Wildcat, Philadelphia, PA
James Orange
Cousin. Newlywed, soon-to-be-dad, family man. Fisherman. Philosopher, thinker, political scientist.

How we met: Common bloodline
Current situation: Financial services, Latrobe, PA
Joe Berger
Former coworker. Minnesotan. Avid fan of baseball and board games. Fellow war history aficionado. White House insider. Deliverer of dry wit. Loyal friend.

How we met: Coworkers at DHS
Current situation: Public servant, Washington, DC
Justin Fontaine
Groom's Attendant
Childhood friend. Accountant. Fellow Civil War aficionado. Baseball fan. Gambling man. Hometown guy, but his heart is in Florida.

How we met: Catholic school
Current situation: Seton Hill University, Latrobe, PA
Marian Minton Scheller
Bride's Attendant
Kind, loyal, quirky. Classic and romantic. Willing to go on adventures in pursuit of fun. Ex-New Yorker (a few years count, right?).

How we met: Sorority sister
Current situation: Accountant, Houston, TX
Michael Lawyer
Bride's Attendant
Inspiration. Schemer, storyteller. Creator of things. Reader, community builder, communicator. Father, minister's spouse. A lawyer named Lawyer. Coffee drinker. Bowtie and cufflink aficionado.

How we met: Coworkers at HUD
Current situation: Public servant, Washington, DC
Peter Wahlberg
Groom's Attendant
Roommate. Philosopher, arguer, loudest person talking. Wanderer. Ambassador for Florida. The world's only fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How we met: College freshman dorm
Current situation: Admissions Manager, Washington, DC
Rich Myslinski
Groom's Attendant
New Jersey Italian. Tech guy. Soccer goalie. Trivia extraordinaire. Chef of over-the-top dishes -- over-the-top everything he does, really. Visionary, explainer.

How we met: College freshman dorm
Current situation: e-something, Washington, DC
Tara Vaughn
Roommate. Warm-hearted, good listener, loyal. Michigander...yes, that's a word. Movie, theater, and dinner party expert. Planner. Adds fun to any situation.

How we met: Friend of a friend in college
Current situation: Admissions Counselor, Washington, DC