Jez and Roby

October 25, 2014


We're getting hitched!
Celebrate with us.
Meet Roby
Meet Jez
She "works" here
(When Jez had hair)
Super cool dad
The big bribe!
It worked!
So they moved in.
Then there were 3
A new adventure...
Instagram memories..
This beach box..
And the tropics...
18 metres. Crazy!
Best of friends
In love
Key People
Freda McGavin
Freda McGavin
Cousin and bridesmaid
Freda is a Gen Y entrepreneur and property mogul. She travels the world on a whim because that's how she rolls.
Hunter Ryan
Hunter Ryan
Son and best man
Hunter is a skaterboy and future socceroo who loves The Twits. Current obsession: backflips, tornados and aliens.
Page Boy
Connor Oakman
Connor Oakman
Roby's nephew / Page Boy
Everyone calls him Concon and he is the sweetest 3 year old boy. Love at first sight.
Flower Girls
Lulu Gay-Bajar
Lulu Gay-Bajar
Roby's niece and Flower Girl
Lulu is a cheeky little princess who doesn't take no for an answer. She's 2 and a half.
Kiki Oakman
Kiki Oakman
Roby's niece and Flower Girl
Ciarha is a two year old adventure girl who likes to play with hammers and chainsaws.
Registry Note

We have everything we need

Family, friends, love, dreams, and many years ahead

So we ask you support others not so lucky

To dig deep and contribute to a cause close to our hearts

Spend well and make a difference

When we unveil in due course

We ask for your generosity.


Roby and Jez