About Sea Island

The number to call for all reservations 1-888-708-6886

Reservations made through the website or a third party like AMEX will not receive the wedding rate!  Call the number above!

For Room Block Reservations

Sea Island Resort

We have 2 room blocks available - one block at The Cloisters main hotel and one block at The Inn.  The Inn is 2.5 miles away - about a 6 minute drive from The Cloisters.  Some wedding shuttle service (times are listed under Events) will be available between The Cloisters and The Inn.  All wedding festivities will be located at The Cloisters.

To book room block rooms please call 1-888-708-6886.  By using this dedicated number for our wedding, Sea Island reservations will automatically know you are calling for the Brockinton-Kimball wedding and provide you with information on the rooms available through the block and discounted rates.

Discounted room block rates start at $439++ for The Cloisters Garden View Rooms and $199++ for The Inn.  River View rooms start at $539++ at The Cloisters for a larger room option. Information and rates for The Lodge is below.

++ means that a daily resort fee, taxes, and parking are excluded from that rate.

You MUST call 1-888-708-6886 to book discounted room block rooms.  Booking via the website, or any third party like American Express or Expedia will not get you the wedding rate or included package items.  

Please note: If you plan to stay at The Inn, The Cloisters pools, beach club, and spa/fitness facilities are NOT included.  An additional fee of up to $200 per day will be required to use these amenities.  The Inn has its own pool, but is not on the beach nor has access to the beach club facilities.  Please call the number above for more details and questions.

The third Sea Island property available to our guests is The Lodge.  The Lodge rates begin at $386++  Guests staying at The Lodge do have access to The Cloisters pools, beach club, and spa facilities (unlike The Inn).  However, The Lodge is about 15 minutes away by car.  There is hourly shuttle service between The Lodge and The Cloisters, but at this point there will not be additional wedding shuttles run between The Cloisters and The Lodge (we will update this if that changes).  Uber and taxi service is extremely limited, so please keep these logistics in mind if booking The Lodge.

Other Non-room Block Options

Other Lodging Options

There are other lodging options in and around Sea Island/Saint Simons if you choose not to use the room blocks.  Houses can be rented through Sea Island Cottage Rentals or any online short term rental sites like AirBnB.  There are also other hotels in the area, such as a near by Hampton Inn. 

Please note: we will not be running shuttle service between The Cloisters and any other lodging except for The Inn.  Therefore you will be on your own in getting to and from The Cloisters where all main activities will be based.  Uber is on Sea Island, but availability is extremely limited, especially late at night.  So please keep that in mind.  

For Those Bringing Kids

Information if you are bringing kids

If you choose to bring your children to Sea Island, here is some useful information.  


Please contact Barbara Ekberg at Sitters by the Shore (phone 912-399-1417).  This is the hotel approved babysitting service.  Group babysitting may also be available if you coordinate with peer attendees with kids.

For daytime kiddo activities, Sea Island has many options which you can explore here.  A sampling of kid activities:

Kids Pool at the Cloisters (some pools are adults only) and beach activities

Camp Cloister - fun filled day of experiences around the resort run by Cloister Junior Staff - ages 3-14.

Kid's Night Out - ages 3-12 - 6-10PM - indoor and outdoor evening activities

Under the Sea Workshop

Painting and Arts and Crafts (ages 8-14)

Cookie Cutters (ages 3-12)

Fishing Lessons

Nature Activities