Pamela rohling
Matron of Honor
Pamela and Alison met in High School and have been best friends ever since. Pamela credits Ali for convincing her to go on her first date with, now husband, Christopher Rohling! Alison was Pamela's Maid of Honor in August 2004 when she wed Christopher, almost a decade ago! Pamela is the mother of three awesome children, Nathaniel (6), Jonathan (5) and Juliana (who turns 3 just before the wedding)!
Natasha Paracha
Maid of Honor
Tashi and Ali met in the 4th Grade and became fast friends by the 6th Grade. There are too many inside jokes between them to count. Together they've survived middle school, wicked choral directors, funny band directors, Odyssey of the Mind, 3 seasons of the TV show Roswell and their twenties - to name a few!
Linda Gordon
Linda and her daughter, Portia, will be traveling all the way from Ireland to be in the wedding! Linda and Alison met while both studying abroad in Erlangen, Germany in 2004-2005. During which they took a month-long backpacking trip in Eastern Europe and Italy.
The day before arriving in Rome, Pope John Paul II passed away. They have quite a tale to tell from visiting the Vatican during this time and paying their respects to the Pope. It's too long to share here so ask them to recount it for you!
Again in 2010 Linda and Alison teamed up, this time with Portia too and traveled to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. This trio can't wait to reunite for the wedding!
Flower Girl / Linda's Daughter
Portia, daughter of bridesmaid, Linda, is coming all the way from Ireland for the wedding! Portia and Alison first met in NYC when Portia was just 9 months old. We met again on the Amalfi Coast of Italy where Portia ate a lot of pasta with mushrooms, her favorite! ;-) Alison could not be more excited to see Portia again and to show her and Linda around Atlanta!