Prince and Kendra

29 August, 2014


Your love and support meant so much to us on our big day!

Your love and support meant so much to us on our big day!
The Beginning
The Proposal
29 Aug
2:30 pm
29 Aug
5:30 pm
30 Aug
12:30 pm
to 4:00 pm
Key People
Special Ladies
Marlene Slack
Best mom ever!
A beautiful role model who has shown all three of her children how to be strong, determined and kind - all while having fun! She is a tremendous blessing and excited for the special day when Prince gets to be her new son-in-law.
Vivian & Albert
Beautiful mother-in-law to be
Down to earth and hard working, she has taught her children the importance of perseverance, determination and the value of a good coupon. She is looking forward to the special day when her son says "I do" to the one he loves.
Keitha Ogbogu
Officiant & lil’ sister
A newlywed who knows how exciting it is to prepare for your special day! IPhone face time fashion advisor and T.V. show marathon companion extraordinaire. Will be the first to call foul when Kendra puts on an ugly dress.
Karine Dutrisac
Best friend and maid of honour
Kendra and Karine met when they were twelve years old and have been companions through thick and thin. Karine was so excited when she learned about the upcoming nuptuals, that her voice message started with giggles. She will notice every single wedding detail and will be just as excited about them as the bride – which will make it all worth it!
Celesta Badoe
Bridesmaid & sister-in-law to be
Great for heart-to-heart conversations and hair salon recommendations. A strong and determined sister that has shown Prince anything is possible with a lot of prayer and a little dedication. Most likely to radiate with happiness from the inside out on our wedding day.
Giselle Badoe
Bridesmaid & sister-in law to be
A caring and compassionate sister that keeps Prince in the loop, even when he gets busy. Fabulous cinnamon bun maker who looks great in any instant hairstyle! Most likely to be the cutest one in her bridesmaid dress!
Sarah Slack
Bridesmaid & sister-in-law
The “Ta” in Talent, the deal queen of couponing (will give Mrs. Badoe a run for her money) and the best baker around. Probably the one who has dreamed of being a bridesmaid for the longest time – and most likely to have her bridesmaid spotlight upstaged by cute little boys!
Barbara Omolewa
Bridesmaid and close friend
Makes wedding planning fun, and helps to keep Kendra from buying ugly shirts! She is also known as Kendra's craft project partner in crime. Most likely to arrive at the wedding wearing gold from head to toe or fire the maid of honour (or the bride) if they are not up to her standards - all while making everyone laugh and have a great time.
Special Guys
Albert Badoe
Best dad ever!
A dad who provided his family with all their needs while demonstrating the importance of determination, work ethic and the pursuit of excellence. He is a tremendous blessing and excited for the special day when Kendra becomes his new daughter-in-law.
Patrick Slack
Handsome father-in-law to be
A wise, thoughtful and caring father who focused on seeing the value in people around him and building a community of caring. He is looking forward to seeing his daughter tie the knot with his new son-in-law.
Paul Martin
Best friend and best man
From the basketball courts in grade 10 to all of life's major milestones, a friend who's been by Prince's side since their teenage years. He'll be the right hand man to make sure things go smoothly as Prince takes his vows.
Jesse Badoe
Cousin and Groomsman
Always cool, always laid back and ready to make those around him smile. Pleased that his pal has found someone special, and looking forward to welcoming Kendra into the family!
George Frimpong
Cousin and groomsman
A soldier, cousin and friend who's interest in all things fast, fun and exciting to keep family and friends on the edge of their seats. Honoured to be at his cousin's side on the special day and looking forward to the day when he finds Puerto Rican beauty.
Joshua Slack
Groomsman & brother-in-law to be
Soulful musician and proud father, Joshua's remarkable ability to connect with those around him set him apart as a true friend. Has a great sense of humour and is great at giving thoughtful gifts like marmite and Bill Cosby sweatters. Excited to see his sister join hands with someone he can play jokes on for years to come!
Brad Surette
Groomsman and close friend
Brad and Prince started their professional careers together and share an interest in all things geek, stylish and humorous. He'll be sure to draw a few laughs and keep the celebration going on their big day.
Special children
Micah Badoe
Amazing son and ring bearer
Malachi Slack
Assistant ring bearer and nephew
Josiah Slack
Assistant ring bearer and nephew
Noah Slack
Assistant ring bearer and nephew
Jhanelle James
Lil' cuz & cutest flower girl!