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Leo & Betty

May 2, 2015


Look forward to seeing everyone soon. XXX L & B

Our Story

For the record...

Lucky in love

It all began...

Going for the ride

Apr 14
8:00 pm
Apr 18
7:00 pm
May 2
4:00 pm
May 2
6:00 pm
New York

Maid of honor. Best friend since the 4th grade.
She’s a great friend, brilliant lawyer and fierce duffer. She taught me that you can be successful without abandoning family, fun and love.
Bridesmaid. Best roommate on the planet.
Can you spell fashionista? L-O-K-A! Living with her has been a daily style adventure. Missing you already.
Bridesmaid. My work wife and bestie.
Shines in every way and always willing to share our successes. What did I do to deserve working with you every day? Thanks for having my back!
Bridesmaid. Cousin but more like a little sis.
Wikipedia, meet Kerry. Don’t ever say, “gee you don’t look like a librarian,” she’ll deck you. Kerry, you always know where to find the most awesome of everything—cafes, music, inns—I think you enjoy the hunt more than the result. XO
Best Man. Best Friend.
OK, we like cigars. And small batch bourbon. We go way, way back—to our boyhood adventures catching bugs, random science experiments (some involved smoke, fire and lies to mom) and our decrepit cabin at overnight camp.
Groomsman and best friend from grade school.
Not only is awesome, loyal, and the most fun guy ever... but he’s a three-star chef. Enough said.
Groomsman. My college lifeline.
He got me through differential equations, because until that semester, I didn’t know any better. Wall Street is lucky to have you, Math Man.
Groomsman. Great friend, colleague.
Leave it to Kevin to come up with “Think Week,” seven days and six nights of escaping the daily routine to contemplate new ideas. He’s such a great guy that he changed the venue from the beach to the Rockies—for me.
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