Appy's no-nonsense, essential
timeline & checklist

12 to 18 months

You have that natural glow!

Wedding timeline by Appy Couple

You're #Engaged

Did you know? "The engagement" hashtag has 3 million photos and counting on Instagram

Get a manicure; take a ring selfie

Tell your family and close friends. Call (don't email) them with the news

Insure your wedding ring (if it's not already covered by your home owner's or renter's insurance)

Stay in sync!

12 months

Start at the top

Fun Fact: June is the most popular month for weddings in the US

Fantasize about your dream wedding; define your overall style (e.g.: modern, rustic, vintage, etc.)

Set your budget; add a 25% buffer

Have "the" conversation: figure out who's paying for what

Set your date

Define your wedding style

Did you know? The average US wedding costs $30K; with the most expensive wedding city being NYC!

Start your Appy Couple wedding account

10 months

Get your tech on

Did you know: 40% of Appy Couple accounts are created by men

Create a wedding gmail account so you can easily share docs on Google drive and get all your wedding emails in one place

Get an Evernote account to share pics and ideas

Create your Appy Couple Wedding website & App

Serious planning mode

Wedding timeline by Appy Couple

9 months

It's time to go

Did you know: The average amount spent on a wedding dress in the US is $1,200

Start venue scouting

Build your guest list

Start dress shopping.

Select and invite your bridal party

8 months

Crossing off your to-dos

Book your vendors (florists, DJ, rentals etc) and your officiant

Order your dress (especially if it's custom)

Figure out your bridal party attire

Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests

Hit the gym and start a regimen you can maintain

Cross off your wedding to-do's

Decision making time

Plan your honeymoon

6 months

Some must dos, some fun to-dos

Finalize your guest list and send your save the dates

Create your registry(ies)

Start planning your honeymoon

Order your cake

Did you know? We found that most couples register for up to 3 registries

4 months

Get stuff done

Order your invitations and flowers

Shop for your wedding bands, shoes and accessories and wedding favors

Book your trial hair and make-up

Meet your MOH for details on the bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner

Plan your day-of timeline, song list, toasts

Appy Couple wedding timeline: get stuff done
Check in with your vendors

2 months

Wrapping it up

Mail your invitations

Write your vows

Buy your gifts - for the bridal party, parents and close family

Check in with your vendors (DJ/Band, Photographer...)

Finalize your honeymoon plans

6 weeks

Cross your T's; dot your I's

Apply for your marriage license

Tally up RSVP's and finalize your guest headcount

Time for the first of your dress fittings

Submit your wedding announcement to the local paper

Send your day-of-timeline to your vendors

Tally up your wedding RSVP's

It's the home stretch

What you need to double-check 4 weeks before your wedding

4 weeks

Double check to make sure you have everything covered

Your marriage license

Your passport

Your shot list for your photos

Your vows

Your song list

And don't forget to check-in with: vendors, hotels, rehearsal dinner, guests who haven't RSVP'd

3 weeks

Putting the finish touches

Finalize your seating chart

Get your bar order in

Go for your final dress fitting

Did you know? 60% of guests buy a wedding gift 3 days before the wedding day

The finishing touches for your wedding

You're almost there

Get a facial 2 weeks before your wedding

2 weeks

Home stretch

Look over your registry - make sure you still love everything!

Get your final guest headcount to the caterer

Indulge a little - get a facial, hair color and cut or totally spa it out

Pick up your dress

Plan something fun (and sexy) with your fiance(e)

The week of your wedding

Check, pack and rest

Check the weather so you can make additional arrangements if necessary

Write checks for vendors; put tips in envelopes to give to your bridal party to distribute

Finalize details for your rehearsal dinner

Pack your overnight bag and your honeymoon bag

Get your massage, mani and pedi

Get some rest; stay hydrated; break in your shoes; spend some quality time with your family

Pack your honeymoon bag the week of your wedding
Enjoy your wedding rehearsal dinner


The day before

Breathe easy

Delegate: Hand things off to your bridal party

Touch up your mani-pedi

Enjoy the rehearsal dinner (but don't drink too much!)

Hand gifts out to your bridal party

Get a good night's sleep

Congratulations, it's your
wedding day! Don't forget to enjoy it!

The day after

Arrange to return your rentals, get your dress to the dry cleaners